The following texts have been taken from various publications, press sheets and reviews from around the world.

AMERICAN BLUES ROCKS TURKEY – Publex S.A. Paris Match – Istanbul, Turkey

"Located in one of the city's finest hotels, The Hyatt Regency “Harry’s Bar” has attracted the “Who’s Who” of Istanbul’s society. For the past eight months, the city has been treated to the sounds of a band hailing from Seattle, Washington USA.


The Kevin Guffy Band whose namesake and lead singer is also a talented song writer and talented guitarist, has brought to Istanbul a blend of American blues rock and “rhythm and blues”. This group has drawn record crowds that have necessitated standing-room only rule.


THE WEEKLY - Frankfurt, Kentucky

"Any mention of the Seattle music scene will predictably bring one thought to mind. Unfortunately, the international success of the Emerald City’s alternative rock bands has overshadowed Seattle’s older alternative: Blues. Luckily younger artists such as guitarist Kevin Guffy occasionally migrate to the scene to keep this great tradition from getting stale. Kevin journeyed to Seattle a few years ago from his hometown in Portland, Oregon and since his arrival he has become a regular performer in the city’s numerous blues venues.


However, unlike many musical acts on the scene who rely on cover tunes for the bulk of their material, Kevin’s repertoire contains a respectable amount of original tunes. In the broadest sense, Kevin’s style of songwriting can be categorized as blues or blues rock, but this oversimplification denies the contributions of jazz, pop and country to his music. Like the styles of the guitar masters he admires (Eric Clapton, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Albert Colins, Wes Mongomery) he utilizes his influences as a point of departure for bringing a fresh interpretation to the genre.The partnership of Kevin and John Mazzacco, formerly with John Lee Hooker, lit up the Pacific Northwest teen scene with their red-hot blues sound. A versatile player, Kevin went on to spend ten years in jazz circles performing with internationally renowned saxophone player, Jim Pepper, Jeff Lorber’s bassist Lester McFarland, and Harry Connick Jr.’s bassist Ben Wolfe.


He has also worked as a sideman for the Inkspots and Ferlin Husky. Kevin’s smoking performance last night at the Ricochet (corner of 3 rd and Boons), fueled by original crowd-pleasers like “A Room is My Home”, and “True Believer”, brought some much needed blues back to the Bluegrass State. "

KEVIN GUFFY ripped the heart out of the St. Looey blues last night! - The Red Sea (Delmar Loop) River Front Times – St Louis

"There on the North side of Delmar was the smokin’es blues guitar player this side of the south side of Delmar. He could PLAY! He could SING! Hell, he made me a Steve Miller song sound GOOD! (No mean feat, that.).


He – one Kevin Guffy – had landed in town only for a couple of days on his way to Ohio. But with a rhythm section of local Loopers, this Pacific Northwestern (Seattle via Portland? Portland via Seattle?) ripped the heart out of the St. Looey blues and claimed it for his own.Damn, I hope he comes back.


I’m feeling the need for lentils again, and the Suede Caesars simply won’t do."